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Photo Management & Photo Archiving Services

Everyone has a story – a legacy – that deserves to be preserved and shared.

We’ve got a new name! Founded as ScrapMyPix in 2010, we felt it was time for a refresh and a name that better describes what we do here. We are now Photo Archivers. We’re the same people with a new name. We’re looking forward to right-sizing your photo collection.

Welcome to our website. Thank you for being here and taking time to learn more about what we do and why we are so passionate about how we do it. 

At Photo Archivers we are not just a substitute for your time it would take for you to organize and digitize your photos. We are a team of dedicated folks that are passionate about the images that are in your collection. We have the experience, the knowledge and the technology to do this work efficiently and we use industry best practices to create an organized, easy-to-access collection for your family or business.  We all have treasured photos and historic documents in storage and on devices. The photos that tell the story of your family or organization. Our experts utilize specialized photo scanning techniques that preserve the quality of the original in a digital copy. Once your collection is organized and scanned, let us design a custom photo book or organize a new digital library. We then rehouse your collection into archival boxes and containers that will preserve the originals for many years to come. We are photo focused so we’re not going to organize your closets but when we’re done, I bet your closet will look better. 

In short, Photo Archivers provides photo organizing and digitizing services. We do the work and heavy lifting so you don’t have to, but more important than that, we use the right tools and techniques to create and archive your photos. It’s so much more than throwing your photos on your all-in-one scanner/copier.

Rachel Jenkins, the founder of ScrapMyPix and now Photo Archivers, doesn’t do this alone. Since 2010, our team has helped clients organize, scan and archive their photos, negatives, slides, documents and a few other fun items too.

Regardless of the extent of your photo project, Photo Archivers can provide you with the expertise, guidance and execution needed to organize your photos in a way that suits you and allows future generations to honor and understand their history.

Are you ready to move this project from the To Do List to Done?

You are in the right place if:

  • You prefer to have someone else to do this for you.
  • You’ve attempted to get organized before but lose momentum and feel overwhelmed.
  • You’ve got devices and bins with photos all over and feel like this is an impossible project.
  • You’re the family keeper of the vintage photos and family members keep asking what you’re going to do with them or when they’re going to get their copies.
  • You worry about how much they are deteriorating in their current state.
  • It would be soul-crushing if your hard drive crashed.
  • You’ve inherited decades of photos from your parents.
  • You have slides that you haven’t seen in decades and would love to see and share them.
  • Technology is not your friend and you don’t have the time or desire to figure it out.
  • You bought a scanner with good intentions but now it’s collecting dust and not memories.
  • You’re helping a family member downsize or you’re downsizing your home.
  • Should I keep going?

If you’re ready for a solution or you simply want to be able to find a photo quickly, then call us today to discuss the process. We are your partner in organizing, digitizing, backing up, and accessing your photos–and sharing them. We are your design partner for annual photo albums, family history books or business history books, travel photo albums or videos.

The Photo Archivers shop is located in Columbia, Maryland. We serve the surrounding Baltimore, Washington, DC, metro-area, in-shop and on-site, when needed. If you are outside the DC metro area, we’ve got you covered too! We can work virtually with you from just about anywhere. We’ve worked with clients as far away as California and Puerto Rico. Technology allows us to reach you no matter where you are located. Once you’re photos are digitized and organized, we can then help you select the perfect photos for a family website or design a book that tells your story.

Imagine how it will feel when this is finished. Are you ready?  If so, Contact us and learn what it takes to get started.