Photo Organizing Pricing

Your photo collection is unique, and your investment in preserving it will be as well. Your collection will likely contain varying sizes and conditions of photos and memorabilia, and we handle those objects with the individual care they deserve. We’ve been refining and updating our skills since the day we started in 2010. Choosing to work with us is more than just swapping your time for ours.

This is a craft that requires specialized tools and a passion for photography and preservation, a dedicated space, and focused time to do the work. It also requires us to update our technology. It might seem like magic when we’ve turned the finished project back over to you, but I can assure you that there was no magic wand. We’re committed to staying current with our technology and knowledge to prepare your collection for future generations.

Let’s start with a conversation and see if we are a good fit for you.

Photo Scanning & Digitizing Services

Overview of Scanning Pricing

Archival Package & Shop Minimum – $325. This includes our initial setup and scanning the first 100 standard-sized prints, slides or negatives. 

Printed photos from 101 and on are $1.05/image

Slides & Negatives from 101 and on are $1.25/image

If your collection contains more than 1000 images, you get to skip the Archival Package & Shop Minimum Package. Your pricing starts at $1.05 for prints and $1.25 for slides and negatives. 

Oversized Images & Scrapbook Pages (over 8×10) start at $3.25 each

Additional charges will apply for removing and returning photos to albums and removing and returning negatives and slides to sleeves.

What do we scan?

Printed photographs • negatives • slides • heritage documents • scrapbook pages • albums • letters • artwork • memorabilia • certificates

If you don’t see it on this list, just ask.

Our results provide you the flexibility for enlarging prints and creating those lovely full-bleed pages in your photo albums. If you’re looking for “just a quick scan,” we’re probably not the best fit. We automate with software when possible, but there is a level of human intervention and expertise that is required to produce the very best quality we expect. Our process and methods and pricing might not fit your requirements. Unfortunately, we can’t adjust the quality to lower the price per piece.

Along with your original images and materials, we will provide your digital images on a hard drive, thumb drive, or agreed upon cloud service. If you like, we can provide additional copies as a backup or for family members.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a family website? We can help with that too.

Printed & Digital Photo Organizing Services

You’ve got the photos and we’ve got the dedicated experience, knowledge, equipment and time.

It’s hard to put a price tag on this work as each collection is unique and while there are best practices that are a common thread through all our projects, there is custom work involved. If you’ve got a large project, we’ll complete an inventory and assessment to provide an estimate before the real work begins. We know our clients don’t like surprises and neither do we, so this helps us set the right expectations around the overall cost of your project.  If you’ve got decades of photos that you’d like organized and digitized, your investment will be in the thousands, not the hundreds. That’s about as close as we can get without having a conversation and seeing your collection with our eyes. Sorry..

Custom Photo Book & Family History Books

This could be the ultimate goal of your photo collection. After we’ve organized and digitized, we can now pull it all together into a custom book that tells the story of your family. Maybe you’re finally ready to put that wedding album together. How about that amazing African safari trip?

Your photos, stories and written word are all individual pieces until you bring it together into a finely crafted book. Let us help you bring it all together in a style that is timeless and beautiful. We can show you sample of our books so you can start to imagine the possibilities.

Pricing on custom books start at $650. Most book projects are more than $650. Pricing varies widely based on the complexity of the project.

If you’d like to know more about the book design process, let’s start with a conversation and discuss your vision. 

Video Conversion & Film Capture

If you’ve got photos, you’ve also likely got some video cassettes and film stashed in some boxes somewhere or in the cabinet drawer under your TV. While we’ve always helped our clients manage these items, we’ve recently started doing this work in our shop. If you’d like to convert your old video cassettes to a format that you can share and access easily without the old equipment that’s been collecting dust, we can help you get that done. Below are the formats of video that we convert to digital.

VHS • VHS-D • Mini DV • DVCAM • Digital8 • Hi8 • Video8 • DVDs • Film Reels

We can schedule an in-person consultation or a virtual call to show you some of samples.  Call us now if you like!  443-542-1316