Our Valentines Project

DSC_7175So this post has nothing to do with photo organizing, but it’s just about as relevant. We’ve all got photos, and if you’ve got elementary-aged kids, you’ll be tasked with Valentines.  I’m no Martha Stewart, but this year I decided that we were going to make our Valentines.  Not because I wanted to prove I was creative, but more because I was trying to utilize things that we already have around the house.   Not typically being the most efficient planner when it comes to these types of projects, I knew I needed to start working on this more than 2 days before their school Valentine’s parties.

DSC_7147First, I rounded up the class lists and the extra goodies from our previous years stash.  Happily I was able to come up with enough to cover both classes.   Then I did the Pinterest search (and got sidetracked by a few other things of course) and found some cute ideas. My original plan was to put the Cricut to good use but that’s a whole other story.  Basically, my goal to hook up my Cricut to use Cricut Craft Room didn’t work out and never will with my particular machine.  I didn’t have any cartridges that could make paper boxes and holding to my no-spending rule for this project, I wasn’t going to buy one.  So back to Pinterest to find a template I can print onto paper and hand cut.  Alone in my office chasing after ideas that just weren’t coming together and I was beginning to feel a bit frustrated.  Then someone who had no idea how frustrated I was said “they are still at the age where it’s fun.”  Thanks Sheila, you pulled me back off the ledge…Duh…..I don’t need to do all the cutting, I don’t need to be alone in my office, and they don’t need to be perfectly cut by the Cricut.  The kids magically appeared, and I put them to work. And you know what, we had fun!

DSC_7155 DSC_7159

Not sure I was very efficient and they definitely don’t look like Martha Stewart helped out, but we got it done and we had our own little messy, sticky assembly line. The added benefit was that as a scrapbooker, I was able to use up some of my paper stash.  My scrapper wives would be so proud…you know who you are…are you jealous?

These are the links to the ideas and templates I used.
Owl Template – I can’t even draw an owl body without a template..
Thanks to the folks that took the time to document and provide the templates and ideas…I couldn’t have done it alone.  It takes a village…