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5 Tips to Lighten the Load of Your Photo Collection

Here in this year of 2020 (I refuse to use the word “unprecedented”), we’ve been forced to slow down, consider what’s most important to us and adopt new puppies. What the H-E-double-toothpicks was I thinking? But I digress. Connection—that’s what we are all missing right now. Believe it or not, organizing your photo collection can… Read more »

One Step You Can Take Today to Protect Your Pictures

This post seems so obvious and for that I apologize, but I often hear people say things like “I really need to backup my computer some day soon.” Are you one of those folks who has you been procrastinating implementing a backup solution? Are you telling yourself you’ll get organized first? If getting your pictures… Read more »

How to Crush the Selfie

I’ve always resisted embracing the selfie. They’ll junk up my photo library, and mine never look good. You’ll rarely see one of me posted anywhere unless it’s to document a moment with a friend or family member. In my world of keeping the photo collection under control, the selfie is not my friend. If you’ve… Read more »

My Job Stinks But I Love It – Part 1

I love my job. I love the people with whom I get to work and I love the variety that comes with the territory of family photos, but sometimes my job really stinks. The people that hire someone like me to help them organize their lifetime of photos and memorabilia are rarely unfriendly or unlikeable…. Read more »

Choosing the Photo Book to Tell Your Family Stories

One of my favorite things to create for both my clients and myself is the photo book. A photo book or scrapbook full of family photos and stories is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your family. There are many options out there available to the consumer, and it can be hard… Read more »

Are You Prepared or Scared of the Digital Dark Age?

Have you been introduced to the concept of The Digital Dark Age? If not, check out this NPR Article and then come back for my thoughts. I’m not into the scare tactics and I don’t think that’s what they’re trying to do here. Vint Cerf comes from a place of authority, so it’s worth a… Read more »

Backup Your Online Backup Plan

If you’re looking to put an online backup plan in place soon, I’ve got a few thoughts for you. First the facts: redundancy is king and hard drives will fail. That being said, it’s smart to put a multi-level solution in place. I’m going to start with some thoughts on on-line backup solutions. Maybe a… Read more »